Rigid Gender Roles Do Untold Damage
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SPOILED is based on true stories of Violence Against Women that will be embodied by diverse female performers but told from the male point of view. The piece sheds light on the role patriarchy plays in perpetuating misogyny by exposing the accepted power of the male voice to co-opt female experience.

Rigid gender roles do untold damage to all involved - so we need to understand and engage everyone, including men, in conversations about the roots of violence against women.

By looking at events that span the globe - zeroing in on India, Turkey, Chile and America - we probe the mindsets that leads to such crimes as campus rape, military assault, female infanticide and bartered child brides.


Co-production with La MaMa ETC
March 2020 postponed

Workshop at Stage Left Studio, NY
Written and Performed by Elizabeth Hess
Commissioned and Developed by Elizabeth Scott Osborne
Directed by Julie Kline
Executive Producer - Elizabeth Scott Osborne
Producer - Cheryl King

Santiago, Chile (in Spanish)
Felipe Acevado and Catalina Navarro
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Workshop Performance at Dixon Place, April 2019
performed by Vanessa Butler, Ninoshka De Leon Gill, & Rebeca Miller
dramaturg Gina Stevensen
creative producer Madeleine Goldsmith
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