Story Theater Project
Adaptation and Direction by Elizabeth Hess
Vocal coach Raife Baker
Collaboration with Molloy College sophomore acting majors

A Devised Work based on 'Translations' by Anne Sexton
Monsters of despair. Deathly tyrants. Vengeful witches. Madmen. Motherless girls. Hungry predators. Directionless sons. Catatonic lovers.

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All these restless souls belong to the world of Grimms’ Fairytales. Here they are once more, this time revived in the poetic imagination of Anne Sexton who exposes the patriarchal fantasy of the ‘American Dream’. By ripping off the shiny veneer of ‘plastic covers’ and sanitized smiles, she turns Post-War suburbia into a nightmare of dark impulses, arrested emotions and unlived lives. Yet, within this bleak landscape there are glimmers of hope and resilience, defiance and liberation.